News|June 29, 2012 12:01 pm

Kareena to remain Hindu even after marriage

Recent reports suggest that although Kareena Kapoor chose her would be mother in law’s Sharara for her wedding day bit she will not convert her religion like her mom in law did 43 years ago.

Sharmila Tagore accepted Muslim religion to marry Nawab Pataudi but Kareena won’t do so even Saif doesn’t want her to do that.

“I would never want her (Kareena) to change her religion. That is the trouble with religion really… it expects conversion. I don’t buy or believe that. I think it’s good that the government, too, has – unless I’m misinformed about the law amended to include it in the Special Marriage Act. If and when we do get married, no one has to change his or her religion”

, Saif informs.

In Pataudi family, inter religion marriage always witnessed bride converting into Muslim for marriage. Sharmila converted into Muslim for the nikaah and she has been named Ayesha Begum. In the past, Amrita Singh too converted into Muslim for marrying Saif.

Saif and Kareena’s will tie the knot on October 16 and the marriage will be a private affair. The duo will have registered marriage at the Pataudi’s palace followed by a grand reception the same evening.