News|May 18, 2010 5:05 pm

Kareena Still says no to work with ex-bofriend Shahid Kapoor

Bony kapoor is in trouble with his fillum Milenge Milenge,

Kareena Kapoor seems to be feeling defficult to work with her ex lover Shahis Kapoor, She keeps refusing to work with Shahid for the pormotions of Milenge Milenge which was already stuck because of their breakup,

Now when Bony Kapoor wants to end the story for the final time, he is palnning to releaseit, Kareena is delaying it,

Earlier also for the Sound recording Kareena asked to give seperate dates then Shahid and now for Promotions also different dates to shoot the trailers,

Shahid has completed his part of shoot, but Kareena doing delay, she doesnt appear even after giving different dates,

Source said,

On Kareena’s say they decided to shoot the promotional video separately and merge them while editing. Shahid shot his part, and Bebo still had to finish her part. But the actress kept postponing and giving her dates to her other projects. She was busy shooting for Stepmom and now it is Golmaal 3 in Goa.

Boney had a word with Kareeena while she was in Goa and plans were also getting implemented for them to go shoot her part in Goa. But her hectic schedule in Goa also cancelled this plan. Now that she is returning back to Mumbai, he plans to get her dates and finish off her portion for the promotional video as soon as possible.

When asked to Bony Kapoor, he said,

The promotional video was never meant to be shot together. Shahid has already shot his part and Kareena was supposed to shoot separately her part when she was in town for Stepmom photo shoots, but it couldn’t happen then.