News|December 8, 2011 8:00 pm

Kareena Kapoor Will Not Star in the Ra.One Sequel

Kareena Kapoor will not be seen in the sequel of the scifi film Ra.One, Shah Rukh Khan and Abhubhav Singh has decided to make a sequel of the film Ra.One,

The script and production details will be ready by mid of next year for the sequel, Lead actress will also be announced as soon as confirmed,

According to the source, the team including producer Shah Rukh Khan are trying to keep the sequel on the low down to avoid the usual questions.

Sequel will have Shah Rukh Khan as supperhero and Arjun Rampal as the villain, Kareena will be replaced with another actress, audiane will probably get to see another Chammak Challo in Ra.One sequel,

But hey, did you like Ra.One ? Do you think their should be a sequel of Ra.One, and if yes, Who should take place of the original Chammak Challo ?