News|December 14, 2011 11:20 am

Kareena Kapoor: I instantly fell in love with the track

Kareena speaks about her super hit track ‘Chammak Challo’ from the film Ra.One, Kareena says that she was on shoot for the song Chammak challo, and I instantly fell in love with the track. It has that kind of beat and that feel to it. Also the look of the song, the outfit and desi avatar worked for me.

Nightclubs in South India and London don’t normally play Hindi music. I am told Chammak challo is the only track that plays in those night clubs, also in Chennai and Hyderabad. My college friends tell me that it plays constantly in Mumbai nightclubs too.

Do people call you Chammak challo after the release of the song?
It happens all the time. Lot of actors and friends call me Chammak challo. I love it.

Are you aiming for one item song like this every year?
I don’t make any such plans. I am an actress. Acting is my passion. There is no Hindi movie complete without the heroine actually shaking her booty. So it’s important that a heroine should be able to dance, to make people cry and laugh and absolutely look good at the same time. It’s a deadly combination.

What was Saif’s reaction when he saw the number for the first time?
He hasn’t seen the film yet. He has seen the song on TV. He told me that it’s great and he loved the track. He didn’t say anything special. I think he takes it a little bit for granted.

Since New Year is around the corner, are you getting a lot of offers to perform?
As a rule, I don’t perform on the New Year’s Eve. That’s my private time with my family and I don’t like performing at the five star hotels and weddings. I don’t think my parents are comfortable with that. That’s something Saif and I have decided not to do. But I enjoy dancing at award shows.

Who is your favourite item girl?
Helen Aunty and Malaika, Both are extremely vivacious and sensuous. Helen Aunty is a living legend and Malaika is one of the finest dancers and one of the sexiest women I have known. Besides, she is my dear friend.