News|June 12, 2010 12:19 pm

Kareena Changes 45 Dresses for An Ad

Can anyone think how many dresses needed to shoot for an ad? One, two, three or may be ten, but Kareena made a record of changing 45 dresses in a single ad.

The story is that, recently Kareena shot a commercial ad for a branded laptop. The ad shows the actress shedding her clothes in every frame, which then matches to the colour of her laptop. For that ad, she needed to change 45 dresses. Amazing! Kareena says,

“The ad was shot by a motion control camera, which is the most difficult to shoot with. It took around 16 hours to finish shooting.”

“I am taking off my clothes and there is the same colour laptop which is inside. I think I changed my clothes around 45 times. It was so difficult to shoot that sequence. I had to pick up from one point and make sure that I start again from the same point. I think I walked around 20 km up and down. We finished the shoot at 1 a.m and I remember the next morning I had a 7 a.m. shift. My legs were tired at the end of the shoot,”

The ad, which hit the TV screens recently, has created a lot of buzz.