News|October 29, 2012 5:58 pm

Karan Johar: My work is my lifeline

Says Director & Producer Karan Johar,

My work is my lifeline. My films move me and I don’t have a life besides my movies. They are my primary passion.

If Yash Chopra gave romance a name, than Karan Johar is the one who gave a new definition to that name with his different style of showing romance with comedy and emotions.

Karan says,

I am driven only by my instinct. I don’t go by what is happening around. If remakes are being made, that does not mean I will also make one. Or just because masala action films are working, does not mean I will make one. I make what I believe in and hope to achieve the best with it. I don’t follow a norm or go by trends. I make what motivates me.

Talking about his lates film “Student of the Year” he says,

Whatever I think of, I make. I wanted to make a campus film about friendship, so made ‘Student Of The Year’. It was different for us because we worked with newcomers for the first time. The whole idea excited me, so I made the film. Shooting with newcomers was a different but not a difficult experience, I don’t know what is next.