News|April 5, 2011 10:29 pm

Karan Johar Flies to New York to Write Script

Karan Johar’s upcoming directorial venture, Student Of The Year, the first part of which was written in London and now the second part to be finished at New York as the filmmaker flew to New York to write the script of the film. Surprisingly, the dialogue writer Niranjan Iyengar and scriptwriter Rensil D’Silva did not accompany him to New York. Both are Johar’s partners in script, going back a long way.

However, rumors are there that both Niranjan and Rensil will be joining him in New York soon as they are currently busy with other projects. Niranjan, we know, is busy writing Madhur Bhandarkar’s Heroine to be produced by UTV.

Student Of The Year, which will be a high school musical, has David Dhawan’s son Varun Dhawan and Mahesh Bhatt’s daughter Alia in the lead roles.

So what is it in the film that urges Karan to seek out foreign countries to even write it, we wonder.