News|July 27, 2010 10:31 pm

Karan Helps Shahrukh in Directing

Everybody knows in the industry Karan Johar and Sharukh Khan’s friendship, and if any Shahrukh asks a favor, how can Karan deny it. That’s why Karan flew to London for holidaying and to assist good friend Shahrukh Khan with the direction of his home production RA.One. Buzz is that Karan will be helping his friend, Shahrukh, who is not very much happy with Anubhav’s direction.

The problem rose when Juhi Chawla’s brother Bobby Chawla hospitalized, and his experienced comments were missing during the shooting. Realizing the fact Shahrukh himself start handling everything, and asked his friend, Karan to help in directing and giving his comments. A source says,

“Shah Rukh is extremely close to Karan and some days back he had tweeted, inviting Karan to come and direct a couple of scenes for him. SRK wrote that Karan is his lucky mascot and that’s why he wants Karan to do it.”

Karan also accepted his friend’s invitation, and flew to London to help him out. A source continued,

“Karan left for London on Friday night and has also begun shooting from Monday. He is going to shoot for two days and after that Anubhav Sinha will once again take over as the director of the film,”

Sharukh also posted on his Twitter account.

“Really sweet to see Karan on an action film shoot. Should blow the cars to kal ho na ho music. kajol in a guest role in the flying cars ha ha. Rains… shooting action & montages together. 2 units… location demands etc. Karan assisting us for a day. hopefully we will make the schedule.”

Incidentally the combination of SRK and Karan has not failed at the box-office so far, starting with Kuch Kuch Hota Hai up to the recently-released My Name Is Khan. Hope this time Karan will once again Lucky Mascot for Shahrukh.