News|June 23, 2010 10:49 pm

Karan Gives Imran’s Date to Kunal Kohli

Dates play very much important role in life actors and directors and producers. That what happen with Imran and Sonam. After completing I Hate Luv Storys (IHLS), Imran and Sonam headed toward shooting for their upcoming flicks in Scotland and Mauritius, respectively, all thanks to Karan Johar.

ILHS will be releasing on July 2, and none if the stars have started promotions, as they are busy in shooting for their other flicks. The producer, Karan Johar, cancelled their publicity work dates given those dates to respective directors. Karan Johar is a meticulous planner; he planned the dates accordingly to his colleagues that gave their dates to respective directors. Karan gave away Sonam’s publicity dates for the shooting of Pankaj Kapoor’s Mausam in Edinburgh, while Imran dates have been taken by Kunal Kohli in his first independent production, Break Ke Baad.

Imran who was himself difficult in scheduling his dates between promotional dates for IHLS and under-production film Break Ke Baad in Mauritius, but thanks to Karan everything is resolved.

Confirming these developments from Mauritius the Break Ke Baad producer Kunal Kohli says,

“Yes Karan sweetly let me have Imran’s dates so that I could complete my schedule in Mauritius. It’s rare for two producers like me and Karan, to be friends and do whatever we can to help one another.”

“Karan’s stars do extensive publicity. So he has made quite a sacrifice for me. My film which would be Imran’s next release can only benefit from all the publicity for Karan’s film.”

Now, both the actors will be back on June 20 and to do 19 hours every day to make up for lost time. Punit, director of ILHS, says,

“Yes Imran and Sonam joined us from the 20th and they had promised to really rev up the publicity when they return.”