News|January 31, 2010 11:20 pm

Kapoor clan snubs Deepika

It is old news that Ranbir and Deepika who were once upon a time, until not too late , a very hot bollywood item, but their relationship turned sour and now the current status is that they are not seeing each other. There were many rumours doing the rounds asd to why the split happened. But that is not the question of contention here. What had happened earlier was that Ranbir’s parents were never too fond of Deepika. Even if Ranbir wants her back into his life, they will not be too thrilled of the fact.

This very fact was further confirmed very recently when it came to light that Rishi Kapoor’s elder brother Randhir Kapoor hosted a dinner for his co-actors from Sajid Khan’s Houseful but didn’t invite Deepika who one of the lead actresses of the movie. Now that would have really hurt, na Deepika?

In fact, this did not go unnoticed and Mr Randhir Kapoor was questioned as to why he didn’t invite Deepika, to which Randhir said that none of the actresses Deepika, Lara and Jiah were invited from the Houseful has been invited. Randhir negated the fact saying , “I have invited only a few friends. The girls are not in Mumbai. The dinner has nothing to do with Houseful. Can’t I have a few friends at my place once in a while.”

However, on the other hand, Jiah told she was trying her best to reach the party but since it’s her uncle’s birthday it was getting difficult for her. We cannot comment on whether  Lara was invited or not but Deepika was surely ignored and left high and dry!