News|August 5, 2010 11:56 pm

Kangna: A Peacemaker for Knockout Team

It seems that Kangana is behaving like peacemaker between film producer Sohail Maklai and director Mani Shankar. I am talking about Sanjay Dutt-Kangna Ranaut starrer Knockout. The film is facing same trouble as Hema was facing with her director. News is that Sohail and Mani Shankar have creative differences.

Now, producer, Sohail and director, Mani are also not talking to each other. A source says,

There are serious creative differences between the producer and the director of the film. Presently, Sohail and Mani are not even on talking terms.

Though the film started well, but later half, Sohail’s ideas were different from Mani’s creativeness. Apparently, the film expenditure is also multiplying with time and as a result, the budget is now crossed its limit. That has annoyed Sohail. Surprisingly, now, Mani’s absence in editing has annoyed Sohail more. A source added,

Mani is in Hyderabad and Sohail in Mumbai. Sohail and his team have taken charge at the editing table.

Buzz is that Kangana Ranaut has taken the step and trying to build bridges between two of them. He has been constantly calling Sohail and Mani, urging them to resolve their differences for the sake of the film. A source says,

Knockout is very close to Kangna’s heart. This will be her second action thriller after Once Upon A Time In Mumbaai. She believes that the director’s inputs are crucial in every aspect of the film.