News|July 28, 2010 10:28 pm

Kangana Turned to Script Writer

Many actors and actresses in Bollywood generally start film production house as their alternative career option, but Kangana Ranaut is quite different among others as the actress has decided to turn into script writer.

The actress clearly declares that it would not be her autobiography. Kangana says,

“I like writing. First, I started writing my diary, which became the first draft of the script. Then, I thought, ‘Why not make a film out of it?’ Then, I finally ended up penning a script.’

“Why would I want to write an autobiography? It would mean sharing all the details of my life. I can’t do that because some parts of my life are too personal for me to reveal to the world. And if I write an autobiography sans those details, I must be a pathetic person, thinking, ‘Chalo, jitna I’m comfortable I will share, the rest I’ll keep to myself’.”