News|August 3, 2010 12:53 am

Kalki Koechlin: Another Stunt Girl in Bollywood

After Kareena Kapoor in Golmaal 3, Kalki Koechlin is following her footsteps as the actress has already tried some of dangerous stunts in her next flick, Emotional Atyachar. The actress jumped off a 45-feet bridge without using a body double.

The movie is set on the deserted highway between Mumbai to Goa and revolves around incidents that related stories take place in one night between four sets of travelers. During the shooting at one incident Kalki is supposed to jump off a bridge around 45 ft high. A source says,

“The director arranged a body double as it was a difficult task to be performed in the night. As soon as Kalki arrived on the sets she saw a body double wearing dher costume. She immediately went to the director and told him that she will do the stunt by herself and did not need a body double. The director was skeptical and gave her all the possible protection by making her wear a harness.”

Debutante director Akshay says,

“I was shocked when Kalki told me that she would jump off the cliff by herself. I was scared but she was courageous enough and performed the daredevil stunt really well.”

After seeing such stunts it seems that now actresses are also becoming courageous and ready to avoid body doubles for them.