News|June 17, 2010 11:01 pm

Juhi Playing a Real Life Character in ‘I am Megha’

It seems like Juhi Chawla is now concentrating on serious and mature roles. She is portraying the character of Kashmiri Pandit in her next flick “I am Megha” from “I am series” directed by Onir.

Her character is inspired from Sanjay Suri’s mother Urvashi Suri, who belongs to a prosperous business family of Kashmiri Pandits and had to flee away from Srinagar at the tender age of 19 when her husband was killed by the terrorists and had to settle in Delhi. Onir reveals,

“Juhi’s character is that of a Kashmiri Pandit. She goes back to Kashmir after 20 years to the house she lived in. Her character is inspired from Sanjay and her mother’s life because they are refugees from Kashmir.”

He also claims that it is a saga of those who have been betrayed from their homeland. He says,

“It’s a story of anyone who is a refugee. I didn’t want to make it exactly parallel to Sanjay’s mother, but I did incorporate lot of incidents from her life.”

Sanjay Suri is also in the major role in the movie and he admits that the movie is based upon his mother’s life. He says,

“Yes, it is loosely based on my mother’s story but it is also about coming to terms with your past. Every person who has left Kashmir will identify with that. My mother revisited Kashmir after 17 years but she still didn’t visit our house in Srinagar where dad was killed.”

Sanjay’s mother was all time present at the set while shooting to give her valuable suggestions to give movie a realistic touch. She also lent her Kashmiri pashmina shawl to Juhi.

Well, the smiling Juhi has now really become serious.