News|November 14, 2011 1:36 pm

John’s Someone Special in his life

John Abraham recently announced that Yes, their is someone special in my life,

According to the sources its Priya Marwah who is an Investment Banker, We have also heard that they both are officially engaged also, this may be a rumor, the name of John’s lady was confirmed when they both were seen coming out from an event,

John said,

There is someone special in my life, but I won’t want to say anything more than that. It is extremely personal.

Source said,

It is the first time in all these months that he has been seen with a girl, who is not an actress. The minute they stepped out at the event, it was pretty obvious that she was the one. People were curious about the mystery lady in his life, and finally they have got a glimpse of her.

On the rumors of John and Priya Marwah’s engagement and Marriage plans, John said,

I would never date an actress, I may even surprise or shock you people very soon. You never know.

For those curious to seem both together, here are the pictures while John and Priya coming out from the Event,