News|November 22, 2011 4:09 pm

John wants to protect his personal life

The hunk of bollywood is ready for a marriage, but strictly wants to keep his personal life covered, he wishes to keep his persona life shadowed unlike his affair with Bipasha Basu,

John and Bipasha had relationship for eight years and was open to everyone, and now when he is ready for marriage, he wants to keep it private,

John said,

Its my wish to get married soon. I would love to settle down in life. It is human nature. There was a time when I did not want to get settled down but today I want to. It is a normal… natural thing,

Today, I will fiercely protect my personal life. Like I will never comment on my personal life in public…saying it is this.. it is that. Today, if anybody comes in way of my personal life, I will react… probably like how a tiger

In the past I had this gestation period where personal life was out in open. But today I will not allow it to go out there. I will hold it close to me I will not let anybody come close to it and cover it. I am at a stage where I
probably want to do good films and have a good life.