News|March 29, 2012 10:20 am

John wants me to marry a half Mallu: Asin

John Abraham and Asin have become good friends. No doubt their Malayali connection seems to have done the trick. After all, John’s father is a Malayali. John Abraham clicked with Asin so well on the sets of Housefull2 that he even advised her to get married to a half Mallu like himself.

When we caught up with Asin, she told us,

I tried speaking to John in Malayalam. He had no clue what I was saying. He, obviously, doesn’t know the language. But said that I should get married to half Mallu!

Asin and John worked together for the first time in Housefull 2. The duo bonded over Mallu food too. Speaking about it, Asin said,

John and I have a strong Mallu bond. He is half Mallu. He used to ask me to get unni appams from home. We didn’t get any chance to share much Mallu food though he actually wanted me to make some for him. Someday..

she trailed off, laughing!