News|June 28, 2010 11:17 pm

John Turns to Producer with De Dana Dhan Goal

Every one knows about John Abraham’s second love. No, don’t make fuss about it. There is no other lady in his life other than hot Bipasha. It’s his passion about football. Now he wants to show his passion for the sports on the big screen.

Yes, John is willing to produce a flick on football, though he has yet to set up his production house. John has already featured as a football player in the movie “De Dana Dhan Goal”. Goal was also centered on football and the movie was shot in England. John is keen to explore emotions for instance passion, jealousy, rage related with football in his movie. John said,

“My earlier movie on football Dhan Dhana Dhan Goal (2007) could not make it big at the box office. The reason may be it that it was not set in India but in South Hall. I thoroughly enjoy the emotions on the sports field, and love to explore the angst, victory, loss and jealousy on field. I want to present the different connotations of the world of sports.”

I will make films, where I can act. I don’t like to pretend doing something I don’t believe in.” The actor wants to make his football movie as interesting and enjoyable as the 1981 movie, Escape To Victory and the 2000 released The Titans.”

John is also interested in supporting the football premier league which might be launched by Shilpa Shetty and her husband Raj Kundra soon hopefully.