News|July 23, 2012 12:23 pm

John has lost his cool, says friend

The actor is apparently furious at reports suggesting he had former flame Bipasha Basu ousted from a film.

John Abraham is apparently extremely upset over the recent news that he is the reason of his ex-girlfriend Bipasha Basu’s ouster from Sanjay Gupta’s forthcoming gangster film. Ever since their much publicised break up, John has maintained silence over the matter but with this present allegation, word is that he has finally lost his cool.

A friend of the actor says,

It has been nearly a year since John and Bipasha have broken up. However in spite of such a long time, John has maintained silence over the whole issue. In fact, in a recent interview to a daily, Bipasha hinted that John cheated on her. However, he did not even comment on it. But the recent news that he is instrumental in Bips being thrown out of Gupta’s film has upset him.

Calling the actor a thorough professional, our source adds,

He has now moved on in life and everyone is aware that he is already dating Priya (Runchal) and has plans to settle down with her. He does not want any bitterness in his life and he wishes well for Bipasha who had been an integral part of his life for years. No one knows why they broke off and John has no intention of discussion that on a public platform. However, these constant attacks by Bipasha are now taking a toll on him.

Sanjay Gupta too denies the allegation and says,

Neither Ekta Kapoor nor I have ever claimed that Bipasha was a part of the film. So where is the question of her being out of the film? The last thing is to accuse John of doing something unprofessional. He does not in any way interfere in the casting process of the film. His silence should not be taken for granted. People are even saying that Naseerbhai and Nana Patekar are in the film but all I want to say is that nothing is finalised as of now.