News|November 20, 2010 12:37 am

John Abraham Wants to be a Director

It seems that every actor in Bollywood has a desire to take back seat and hold control of the entire film by directing into his own way. The list of actors-turning into directors is growing day by day. After working in 30 films, John Abraham says that he wants to become a director.

The actor revealed his desire of becoming a director,

“I have good friends around me who are directors and writers. They are all willing to sit with me, help me and formulate screenplays. I have ideas and I want to become a director very soon and when I become one, I will be damn good at it,”

“Probably, five-eight years down the line, I’ll direct a film. I’m just seven years old in the industry. I want to first just settle down properly and singularly prove myself in a big way and then I will get into direction,”

Explaining his evolution as an actor, he said,

“After all these years, I think I’ve become very comfortable with the medium, but more than myself I’ve seen a change in the perception of the audience towards me. I’ve always been an understated actor. I’m not into over-projection. When I joined the industry, there was a section of the audience that felt I was too understated. Today the same audiences have a different perception and somehow that same style of acting is working for them now.

I really haven’t changed. I’m following my director’s brief and I’m doing exactly that. But people’s perception has changed. The sense of reality has prevailed in the mind of the audience and I think that’s the change I have seen.”

When asked about what after Jootha Hi Sahi, John said,

“I’ll be starting the film in March, which will be directed by Kapil Sharma, a first time director. He is the best chief assistant director we have in the country. The film is about just a regular guy who gets busted by all the women in his life. It’s about a guy who learns life through the women he is with – his mother, sister, his boss, his neighbour, his girlfriend, his ex-girlfriend. It’s just about this journey. It’s amazing.”

The final title of the film is yet to be decided. “Right now it’s called ‘The Re-education of Ishaan Sabharwal’. That’s a working title.”

Currently, the actor is busy in shooting of Tamil remake Kaakha Kaakha with director Nishikant Kamat and producer Vipul Shah. John said regarding the work of the film,

“I have already shot 20 percent of the film. We shot for 25 days, we have another 40-45 days left and we are done. So we finish in January end.”