News|July 24, 2010 12:46 am

John Abraham Supplies Diamond to Bipasha Basu

‘Diamonds are Girl’s best friend’, a very true said, and when it comes to gift girl, boys prefer to gift diamonds to their girls. That is well applicable to John  Abraham, who knows how to impress her girl-friend, Bipasha Basu, so whenever it comes to gift to Bipasha, he prefers diamonds for Bips.

The actress announced that John Abraham is her diamond supplier, and whatever diamonds she boasts of, are gifted to her by him.  Bipsha, who is endorsing Gili, the jewelry brand of Gitanjali, said,

“All the jewellery comes to me from John. He is my diamond supplier.”

The actress is looking forward to engagement for which she wants perfect size ring for her finger. The actress says,

“Well the engagement ring comes from the other side. You have to ask this to the other side. I hope it’s nice and beautiful; not too big, not too small, just the right size for my finger.”

“My mother saves a lot of gold and diamond jewellery for me. I have not really looked into it. Till now, I am very happy with my jewellery.”