News|August 10, 2010 12:44 am

John Abraham Endorses Dhoti Brand

John Abhraham is a brand ambassador of many products, companies, from electronics to fairness cream. Now the actor will endorse desi dhoti as he wants to bring back middle-class pride among next generation.

The actor will endorse a tag line, “It’s cool to wear a dhoti, and not just at costume parties” to market desi homespun men’s clothes and footwear. John says,

“People are obsessed with labels. Even your self-esteem is defined by your clothes. You don’t need designer wear to be cool. You can be cool without spending a fortune on clothes and accessories. I am a middleclass Bandra boy. And I am glad I can walk into any event, no matter how elitist, in jeans, a T-shirt and chappals.”

Chappals as formal wear will be Abraham’s first brand-banning campaign. While desisting from blaming the film fraternity for over-commodification, Abraham will now use his iconic status to sell what he calls  “governable dreams” to the young.

A line of hip John Abraham chappals for all occasions will be marketed next year, followed by affordable T-shirts. John says,

“If it is cool to be dressed in designer denims for Americans, it should be equally cool for us to wear dhotis and Pathani suits.”

“We need to be as happy with our fabrics like khadi and silk as the West is with its own textiles. Once we are comfortable in our own (desi) clothes, we will also learn to get comfortable with our own skins.”

The John Abraham collection of traditional male Indian wear will hit stores next year.