News|November 9, 2011 1:10 pm

John Abraham: Akshay Kumar fittest man in industry

Returning together again Akshay Kumar and John Abraham has become best of friends that they cant stop praising each other at any chance,

Both had entertained audiance in ‘Garam Masala’ 6 years back and now will be showing same comedy and action in ‘Desi Boyz’.

Recently John Abraham said,

Akshay has always been a guiding force from ‘Garam Masala’ itself. I was very raw then. I have learnt a lot from him,

Though John is famous for his fit muscular body but he thinks that Akshay is fitter than him,

John said,

Even during ‘Force’ I was always asked who is the fittest man in the industry and I have always said it is Akshay Kumar and I stand by it. He is a true inspiration in a lot more ways than one. To look so fit and handsome all the time is really difficult and he does it all the time.