News|January 9, 2012 5:45 pm

Jodi Breakers plot almost same as French Film

‘Jodi Breakers’ the R Mahadavan and Bipassha Basu starer film sounds similar to the French film staring Romain Duris and Venessa Paradis, but its not actually so,

Incidently the French film has similar plot where a father hires two people to break his daughters relationship, and in Jodi Breakers Bipasha Basu and R Mahadavan run a business of splitting up couples.

Jumani says,

To be honest I was surprised when I saw the promos of Jodi Breaker. It looks like a remake, It’s a coincidence that both the films have been announced around the same time. I am glad that it’s not going to affect our film because it is releasing next week.

I can’t really do anything. I am distributing the film. The remake rights are with Universal. They have not sold the remake rights to anyone. As far as I know, Karan Johar is the only guy who came close to buying it. I am not sure if he has bought or not, I think they (Universal Studios) already have an idea. It depends on them if they want to take any action.