News|July 5, 2012 10:52 am

Jism focussed on my acting talent: John Abraham

John Abraham entered the industry with his debut film, Jism. Over a period of time, the actor has managed to create a niche for himself in the industry. Today, he feels thankful for Jism tapped his talent in acting. Here is what the actor has to say about the film-

Some people are of the opinion that my debut was unconventional. Yes, in Jism (2003), I didn’t have to be the boynext-door or the stereotype hero who runs round trees. Rather, I played Kabir, a lawyer who is quite the Casanova. He is this cool dude, full of attitude. His life revolves around wine and women. He does not take life seriously. Sounds very exciting but trust me, the role was very difficult to enact.

Your first film is the first step of your journey in Bollywood and it is never easy. However, thanks to Mahesh Bhatt, Jism proved the perfect launch.

That man’s contribution in the making of his films has to be seen to be believed. I still remember Bhatt saab had tears in his eyes when I did the scene where I die. All that motivated me to rise to the occasion.

The film had a good storyline. The skin show only added to the appeal. And people simply went: “Oh my God” when they saw sex playing out on the screen in Jism. Today, we have much more skin show and lovemaking in our movies. So in a sense, Jism was a trendsetter. Nine years ago, it was way ahead of its times.

Jism was special for me also because it focussed on and tapped my acting talent. I think my vulnerability comes across beautifully on screen. And if you can do your very first film with conviction and the right dose of vulnerability, you have a winner on hand.

After Jism released, almost everybody knew who I was. I was known as a model earlier too but people didn’t know me that well. Not many people know that my first film was actually supposed to be Iss Pyyaar Ko but that didn’t see the light of day.

Had it happened, who knows, I wouldn’t have reached where I am today. As they say, everything happens for the best.