News|August 26, 2010 11:21 pm

Jimmy Shergill Decides to Produce Films

Many actors and actresses are taking new step to foray into new business being in the Film Industry. Jimmy Shergill has also joined the club of actors who have either turned up or planning to turn up into producer.

Buzz is that the actor decided to turn into producer after his Punjabi film Mel Kara De Rabba, busted the box-office not only in India but also hit in Australia and Canada. Jimmy says,

“I had asked the producer to release 15 prints in Australia, he didn’t. Later, when we learnt that thousands were driving miles to watch the film, he rued his decision.”

Though the actor has decide to produce films in near future but acting is also his first passion and he is trying different genres like thriller, action, comedy, etc. the actor said,

“My growth has been slow but steady. I’ve worked with different filmmakers and will continue to experiment.”