News|June 28, 2012 3:58 pm

Jannat 2 to be shown on TV only after 11pm

After Dirty Picture, now even Jannat 2 has been banned by the Censor Board for the screening of the movie on television during prime-time slot on TV.

Sources suggest that the makers of Jannat 2 has agreed to cut some scenes to receive a U/A certificate for its TV premeire, but still CBFC is adamant and has issued that the makers of Jannat 2  could screen their film only post 11 pm.

This decision has annoyed the Bhatts and producer Mahesh Bhatt has said that he wouldn’t accept this; The Bhatts feel that they should be allowed to screen film on prime time as they have agreed to cut various scenes. However, the CBFC feels that a film like Jannat 2 despite its various cuts is still not suitable to be watched by young viewers.

The Dirty Picture is still not premiered on TV and if the makers of Jannat 2 don’t agree to CBFC’s demands then they will have to face the same fate.