News|March 19, 2012 12:21 pm

I’ve never had a friendly chat with my dad: Ranbir Kapoor

If there is one endeavour that Ranbir Kapoor wants to take up seriously is to break the “”glass wall”” between him and his dad Rishi Kapoor.

I have never had one to one friendly chat with my dad ever. He is with me the way his dad was with him. And now it is upto me to break that glass wall between us. My endeavour is to get close to him.

admitted Ranbir.

Ranbir further added,

My father is a passionate man. I was the happiest when he liked my performance in Rockstar. My moment of happiness was multifold when he praised me for the film.

And the charming actor quoted a small story to convey why his dad usually abstains from praising him sky-high.

A young son who would make his living by walking on a tight rope once asked his dad why he never praised him for his work, and his father replied that the day he did that, he (his son) would lose his concentration and fall down.

narrated Ranbir.

Coming from the first family of Bollywood with a treasure of huge legacy, Ranbir certainly seems to be level-headed and sorted in life.