News|May 10, 2011 9:10 pm

I’ve been given a new life after cancer so I can look after my family : Aadesh Shrivastava

Aadesh himself has just survived cancer, and now lost his brother on saturday

Aadesh expressed himself said,

What do we say to this? How does God decide who lives and who dies? Is there any law governing our existence any more?

My brother who was Rahat Fateh Ali Khan’s business manager in India was driving from Detroit to Chicago after a concert. Rahat, Chitresh and three others were in the car.

The rest of the troupe was in a bus. They all stopped at a petrol station to freshen up and after that Rahat announced he’d get into the bus with the rest of the troupe. My brother and two others drove off in the car.

It skidded and spun around about eight times. During the spins the door of the car opened and my brother fell out. He died instantaneously.

My brother had to go. Rahat escaped. Do you know Chitresh had been under so much pressure from the time Rahat was discovered with unaccounted dollars on the Delhi airport ? What wrong had Chitresh done ?

He has never cheated. As a show organiser his dealings were always above-board and legal. The Indian government hounded him because they couldn’t touch Rahat.

They had to send Rahat back to Pakistan. So my brother became the scapegoat. Do you know, Dada (Chitresh) offered to return all the money? Rahat called me up to express his hurt. ‘Look at him.

He’s offering me money when he’s more than a brother to me,’ Rahat complained about my brother to me. Rahat really cared for my brother. Now Dada is gone.

Chitresh planned to give up looking after Rahat’s work. The concert in the US was meant to be my brother’s last with Rahat. He had decided to give up his ties with Rahat.

I think Dada had a premonition. Before going to the US he had done the family’s insurance for the first time. Twice I told him to cancel his trip.

But I guess he had to go…Why him? What wrong has he done in life? People like Karunanidhi and his family are walking free while my brother was hounded by the government for no fault of his.

A Sharad Pawar has survived two helicopter crashes!! Why does a good man have to go? Why my brother?

I now feel I’ve been given a new life after cancer only so I can look after my family.

I am going to make all of my brother’s dreams for his two children come true. My mother is not with us to see my brother go like this. But my old father is shattered.

And Bhabhi(Chitresh’s wife) is inconsolable. We are all here waiting for Chitresh’s brother-in-law to return with his body.

After the news of Chitresh Shrivastava’s death Aadesh’s house was filled with the music and entertainment world, Aadesh said,

Amitji was here the whole evening. He told me it is very important to look after my health. I can’t afford a relapse.

What wrong have we done to suffer like this? Our misfortune started with Chitresh’s troubles over Rahat.

Then I fell ill. Now this. It’s like God has chosen our family for a special endurance test.