News|May 25, 2011 4:37 pm

Its Difficult for Hrithik to Eliminate Participants

Hrithik is finding it difficult to eliminate the participants of the show Just Dance that he is judging,

Source said,

Hrithik gets emotional and keep asking other judges if they can give the participants another chance,

Hrithik wanted to be very sure of whom to eliminate. He kept watching the videos endlessly even after the shoot got over. He also had long meetings with Farah and Vaibhavi as he wanted to be sure of his decision.

There were around 30 contestants to be eliminated during the shoot on Sunday.

Duggu has always found it difficult to say no to anyone. Their tears brought tears to his eyes, too. After the show got over, the actor met everyone who lost out and gave them his phone number and email id. He wants to help them in his own way.

Hrithik promissed and gave his phone number and email id to the eliminated contestants to help them,

On the set source said,

He keeps encouraging the contestants and constantly gives them advice. When they get nervous, he tells them stories about himself.