News|April 13, 2011 10:21 pm

Is Vidya Balan Turning to Director?

It seems that actress, Vidya Balan is shaping her directorial skills that’s why the actress, is helping out Sujoy Ghosh in his flick, Kahaani, where Vidya was seen sitting with the cast, offering tips on understanding the technical aspects of filmmaking. The source says,

“She has grown as an actress. And now, Vidya’s taking an interest in filmmaking. She plays a pregnant woman in the film, which also sees a couple of young actors making their debut.

During one of the difficult scenes that involved several retakes, a patient Vidya sat them down and enlightened them on technical angles.”

Instead of wasting time waiting for them to get it right, the actress made them understand how the scene was being shot. “It was interesting to see this side to her. Even Sujoy applauded her effort to get involved.”

Might be Vidya planning for her future career!