News|November 19, 2010 1:55 am

Is Shirish Kunder Composing Salman Starrer Ready?

After seeing Tees Maar Khan (YMK)’s theme song, it seems that Shirish Kunder is full-on demand as music composer as T-series owner, Bhushan Kumar, has asked Shirish Kunder, husband of Farah Khan, to compose the theme track of Salman Khan starrer, Ready, knowing that Pritam is already on board.

Kumar, who also owns the music rights of Farah Khan’s Tees Maar Khan, asked her husband Shirish Kunder to compose a track for the Salman Khan starrer. A source says,

“Farah’s hubby has composed the theme song of TMK and Bhushan has been getting mindblowing reactions to it from distributors and his friends.

He, too, has loved it. He asked Shirish recently at an event to compose a similar theme song for Ready.”

Apparently, problem is Pritam has already composed the music of Ready.

The composer will be very upset if Bhushan takes on another music director and hogs the credit.

The composer will throw a tantrum and refuse to compose any more songs so everything is very hush-hush now.”

Let’s see whose song will become a theme song of Salman’s Ready!