News|June 17, 2010 10:04 pm

Is Shahrukh Unofficial Director of Ra.One?

When Shahrukh Khan is producing the film and lot of money is involved in the film. Guess who will direct the film, the director of King Khan. It seems that the same is happening in Sharukh’s, where SRK is producing the film and Anubhav Sinha is officially the directing the movie.

Apparently, Mr. Director, Anubhav Sinha turns to Shahrukh Khan for approval after every take, and if Shahrukh doesn’t like it, re-take is obvious. It seems that Shahrukh is directing the movie. As per source,

“After every shot, Anubhav looks at Shah Rukh for approval. Shah Rukh tries to look away a bit, not wanting to interfere. But Anubhav is too awed by Shah Rukh’s presence on the set. He doesn’t okay any scene until Shah Rukh says so. He calls Shah Rukh and says, ‘Sir, dekh lo, theek hai ya nahi’.”

We hear that Anubhav even asks Shah Rukh if he would like another take or not. “The number of takes in almost every scene depend on what Shah Rukh feels after he sees, or rather is made to see, the scene on the monitor,”

After all Shahrukh is boss, all it depends on Shahrukh’s mood whether he likes the scene or not.