News|June 5, 2010 10:25 pm

Is Sajid Khan Dating With Neeru?

There was a time when Neru Bajwa was more in limelight as of Amit Sadh’s  girl friend instead one of lead actresses in Prince. But today she is in limelight because of having relationship with Sajid Khan. Is Sajid dating Neru?

Neru-Amit relationship came into trouble when Sajid Khan entered into Neru’s life, and immediately actress broke her eight-year old relationship. A close friend of the couple said,

“Amit and Neeru have been living in for around eight years. When Amit was in the Big Boss house during the first season, one of the prime reasons for Amit leaving the house was Neeru. After that, Amit let his career take a backseat and started helping Neeru establish herself in Bollywood.

Before debuting to Prince, Neru did some Punjabi movies. However, the source added,

During the release, Sajid Khan saw the film and called her and they met. They have been in touch regularly since then and Neeru announced to Amit that she doesn’t want to continue with the relationship. Amit was shocked but Neeru informed him that she was seeing someone else and Amit left their Four Bungalows house. Amit confided to his close friends and has now gone to the US for a six-month break.”

Another close source added,

“Amit has gone to USA to enroll himself in the Lee Strasberg Academy and will be back in the country after six months.”

While Sajid Khan denies with all rumors spread about his relationship with Neru. He said,

“I am not dating anyone. I am single and if I would be dating anyone, I would announce it to the world. Yes, I know Neru but that way I know many people. It doesn’t mean that I am dating them.”