News|February 28, 2012 1:04 pm

Is Manisha Koirala the inspiration behind ‘Heroine’?

Director Madhur Bhandarkar is known for juicing out a lot of inspiration from real life and real people. So the gossip doing the rounds in tinsel town is: Is his new film Heroine inspired from the life of actress Manisha Koirala.

Manisha Koirala who rose to limelight in Bollywood in 1990s, saw her professional and personal life tailspin out of control in the last ten years, mostly due to alcohol abuse and a string of relationships none of which bore any good. Her penchant for the tipple has continued even after her marriage, which, by the way, is also said to be on the rocks. In October last year, she allegedly arrived at an art exhibition in high spirits, and just last month she was spotted in a dishevelled state, probably drunk, at ex-beau Prashant Chaudhari’s restaurant lounge opening at Versova, Mumbai.

Now, compare this with the plotline of Heroine, in which Kareena Kapoor plays an actress who becomes the victim of her own success. She’s given to drinking and smoking heavily and even has a string of relationships with men of different ages.

When asked if Heroine is inspired from Manisha Koirala’s life, director Madhur Bhandarkar denied it and said that the movie takes inspirations from a lot of people yet none in particular.

Earlier, it was believed that the film is inspired from the life of the Hollywood actress Marilyn Monroe.

But then, there’re so many fallen angels that a raconteur needn’t stick to just one to weave a gripping tale. Bhandarkar has probably done that.