News|October 16, 2010 2:52 am

Is Mallika Working in Murder 2?

After 6 years, once again Emraan Hashmi and Mallika Sherawat might come together in Murder’s sequel. Mohit suri will direct the film. Though Bhatts have not confirmed about Mallika’s role but a source said,

“Since her return from Los Angeles, the actress has been frequenting the Bhatts’ office in Juhu.

She’s keen on being in the Murder sequel. Currently, talks are on. Though the Bhatts are being tight-lipped about it Mallika is apparently doing Murder 2. They are waiting for the right time to break the news to Emraan.”

The source adds,

“After Murder, producers Mahesh and Mukesh Bhatt and the film’s lead hero Emraan had been very upset with Mallika for telling the media that she was solely responsible for the success of the film.

She further alienated her mentors by saying outrageous stuff about them. Last year, they patched up. Though she didn’t sign a film with them after that, they shared cordial ties.”

A source close to Emraan says,

“The casting will be finalised next week. Mohit is lending finishing touches to the script and when Emraan (currently in Pattaya, Thailand) returns to Mumbai, they will take a call on everything. Mohit will lock the actress in a week and start shooting next month.”

Says a diplomatic Emraan,

“I’m fine with whoever the producer and director signs. If the makers feel Mallika suits the role I am fine with it. I don’t impose my views on casting.”

Says Mukesh,

“Mallika has been meeting us for the last few days. Discussions are on and she’s a strong contender.

We are exploring various options. Mohit and Mahesh will make the final call. Murder 2 will be shot in exotic locations abroad.”