News|August 30, 2010 11:32 pm

Is Mallika Going to Work With Sharon Stone?

No doubt, Mallika Sherawat is now one of known faces in Hollywood, and she looking forward to work many Hollywood celebrities, including the Basic Instinct star, Sharon Stone.  Believe it or not but that’s true.

Well the actress has recently bonded heavily with Sharon Stone at the charity event for the International children’s rights organization, Operation Smile that provides life-changing surgery solutions to children globally, where two of them were talking about their respective projects. A source says,

“Sharon had heard about Mallika and from the time they arrived at the function, the two were inseparable. They sat together and right till the moment the event started, kept chatting about the work they are doing respectively for films and philanthropy. Post the event too they bonded again.”

Interesting part is that Sharon, who is also a film producer, might have discussed the proposition of casting Mallika in one of her films, in which she will play lead role. A source also said,

“They were definitely talking about being friends from then on and planning how they should catch up soon. Sharon is always looking for new scripts to cast talents from across the world. Looks like Mallika has managed to charm Sharon as they have definitely had a talk on working together. The hottest girl in the West pairing up with the oomphy actress from the East will be a good combination to see.”

Well, it seems that Malliaka is flying and enjoying her cloud nine position.