News|June 24, 2010 7:54 pm

Is Kangna Turning to Director?

Now days Bollywood actresses are stepping toward different aspects of film industry from production to film marketing business. Now it’s turn for Kangna Ranaut who wants to direct a film. Though she has not scripted a film right now, but she has strong ideas to put them together and direct a film in near future.

spokesperson, Gitika Taraporewala, clears her thoughts on Kangna’s plans,

Having strong ideas in mind for a movie script and actually writing it are two different things. This is a future plan. She might do it in, say, a few years. Even turning a director is on her mind, but again, that is not happening before four years. At present, however, she is fully focused on acting, and has multiple films in hand. She has six films releasing this year and her dates for the next year are already booked,”