News|June 12, 2010 4:00 pm

Is Himesh Reshammiya’s Mud Mud Ke… shelved?

It seems that Himesh’s new flick, Mud Mud ke Naa Dekh has been shelved, but there is no news from producer Aditya Narayan Singh along and director duo Seema-Sudhir at the helm. It’s really surprising! Though the singer-turned actor, Himesh has already shot about 40% of the movie, but from the last nine months, there is no progress in the movie.

Himesh is coming with newbies Niharika Singh and model Jennifer Kotwal.  Himesh says,

I have no clue what is happening to the project. I have not heard from the producers for the last nine months.”

“I have been busy with my other films like Radio which released last December and Kajraare which is slated to release soon. There is also A Love Issshtory and Ishq Unplugged which will be my next releases.”

As per sources,

“It was overshooting the budget big time. For one particular scene, they wanted a fancy bungalow but whatever was available fell short of their requirements so they erected an opulent bungalow set at Film City.”

“The film has been shot with Himesh’s long locks, now he sports a short crop so there will also be the problems of continuity.”

Though for this movie, Himesh also worked out to make his body fit and showcased his abs by going shirtless. And the producers were planning to shoot the film at exotic locations like the Bermuda Triangle, but now everything has gone for a toss.