News|December 24, 2010 9:00 pm

Is Arya Babbar-Farah Khan’s Surprise Element!

Any guess, who is surprise factor in Farah Khan’s forthcoming film Tees Maar Khan? Well, neither Sheila ki Jawani nor Salman’s presence in dance sequence. The surprise is that Farah’s kept underwraps and that’s Aarya Babbar.

Farah is also praising Arya Babbar’s character and his acting skills,

“Aarya is superb in the film. His look and performance is something to watch out for. Everyone is going to be surprised by his excellent comic timing!”

And while Farah can’t stop gushing about him, Aarya too is overwhelmed by her response.

I really thank Farah for having chosen me for the role of Inspector Dhurindher. It’s my first attempt in comedy and both Farah and Shirish have been very supportive. Now, I’ll wait for Friday and let my work talk!”