News|December 12, 2012 4:48 pm

In India, we don’t respect writers: Boman Irani

Actor Boman Irani feels that writers are not given their due respect in bollywood and that they can really make a film a huge success.

Boman Irani

In India, especially in our films, we don’t respect the writers, not in the credit titles or anywhere else… we don’t accept the size of their contribution. We believe that a writer eventually does not lead the audience into a theatre. But I feel that if writing is good and effective then the audiences will definitely come to the theatres.

he added.

Also talking of the 100 crore club and the sucess of his film, 3 Idiots, he said,

I believe in the thought of ‘3 Idiots’ but it would be wrong to say ‘running after Rs 100 crore’ because 3 Idiots also raked in Rs 300 crore… the fact of the matter is this. But if you forget the money equation and work towards excellence, then you will definitely earn even more that Rs 100 crore… 3 Idiots is the greatest example of it.

he added.