News|August 5, 2010 11:46 pm

Imtiaz Ali: A Groom for ‘Antardwand’ Promotions

Imtiaz Ali has never promoted his flicks like this but for the National Award winning movie, Antardwand, the filmmaker volunteer himself to showcase himself as a groom of the flick. Directed by Sushil Rajpal, Antardwand is based on a true story of groom kidnapping in Bihar.

The small budget film is approximately Rs. 1.5 crore that stars Raj Singh Chaudhary, Vinay Pathak, Swati Sen and Akhilindra Mishra, among others. Imitiaz Ali liked the movie, and also script of the movie. Imtiaz says,

I saw this film before it got the National Award and I thoroughly enjoyed it. It is not boring. It is quite entertaining and also it talks about a topic that is so relevant.

So I decided to help in the promotion process because these are small films and need an impetus so that people get aware of their existence.

I can quite relate to this topic because I come from Jamshedpur and close to that area this practice is quite rampant. So I was happy that now there is a film that highlights this issue. Last year, almost 1,000 cases of groom kidnapping were registered.

A lot of movies that are socially relevant are expected to be boring and art house so I wanted to bring forth that this film is quite entertaining, quite fast paced. All films with social issues are not art house cinema.

I am getting inspired to do that, but that will only happen when I really feel strongly about an issue.