News|July 2, 2010 12:40 am

Imran Sells Popcorn at IHLS Movie Counter

If you are planning to watch I Hate Luv Storys at a multiplex this wekend, don’t get surprise, if you see Imran Khan at a popcorn counter asking your choice, salted, chese, caramel, or mix of all, and whether you will like it large, medium or small in size. Well this is new funda of promoting the film.

Adapting different ideas from his Mama, Aamir Khan, the actor along with his producer, Karan Johar will go behind the counter at theatres across the city selling the movie tickets and popcorn. Imran says,

“I’d rather sell more of tickets than popcorn. That’s more important,”

It may possible that you will see Imran and Sonam together selling popcorn and movie tickets. Imran explains the fund behind this of promoting flick,

“For the last few weeks Sonam and I have been travelling across the country as well as abroad for the film’s promotions. We have been talking a lot. We have said what we had to about the movie, our roles and experiences shooting for it as well as about the music.”

“Our visibility should not lead to fatigue, so we have now to come up with a new way to continue promoting the film. There is no point doing what we have been doing in the run-up to the release for the past several days.”

The actor will start his day by visiting multiplexes and theatres across the city on Saturday all day.

“We will begin in the morning when the first show starts and continue till the last show ends.”