News|May 26, 2011 9:13 pm

Imran Never Pay His Bill

Its a habit, Imran Khan since childhood has never kept wallet with him and has never paide money for whatever he buy from any shop or eat at any restaurant,

How does that work ? well here is a Source that explains,

While growing up he was living in his nana’s house (Nasser Hussain saheb’s house) and everyone in the area knew him well. He would walk into any store, grocery shop or any outlet and pick up whatever he needed and not worry about the payments! For his udhaars would get cleared by someone from home.

Every time he fills petrol at the Bandra petrol pump he signals to pay later and everyone is just aware. They simply understand that Imran’s not going to pay right now and it will add to his credit as usual. One of his boys then goes and clears all the payment or it gets cleared by them coming and collecting.

Even the restaurants in Bandra are aware of his habits. They know that Imran will keep the payment on credit as usual.

Also Imran said,

Actually everyone does eventually get paid, later on, by my staff. I am a total believer of udaar walas and believe in living in full on credit. All of us at some point or other have told the panwala shop that ‘I will pay tom’ that’s not like you don’t pay; It’s just that I believe in this lifestyle. All college students go through this, all my friends still do this and for me its a habit.