News|June 14, 2010 3:42 pm

Imran Khan: A Pet Lover

The chocolate-faced actor has a sympathetic corner for the stray animals and is now planning to open a shelter home for stray animals at the land which he owns at Panvel in Mumbai. Imran has a great love for animals since his childhood and has been brought up around them. Already Imran has two dogs and three cats at his home.

One of the source reported that

“Being an animal lover, he even had adopted a male Labrador puppy last year. The owner of the puppy didn’t want to keep it anymore. Imran took the puppy to his home in Palli Hill at Bandra. Now he is looking for the various options to make his dream a reality.”

When asked about it he confirms,

“Yes, I have land in Panvel which I’m developing as an animal shelter. The aim is to be able to take care of any kind of animal, and I want to have a vet on staff permanently. As of now, I’m funding it entirely by myself, but I’m hoping to tie up with a larger organization so that I can expand further.”

How will Imran will arrange and raise funds for this noble cause? He says,

“I haven’t really thought about additional funding, right now I’m focused on getting started.”

Imran also comments,

“My family has always had pets and we’ve always rescued animals. This is just an extension of that.”

Lagey Raho! Mrs. Maneka Gandhi will be quite impressed by this noble thought.