News|August 11, 2011 2:41 pm

Imran Khan is a Good Husband

When everyone leaves everything beind and go on honeymoon right after marriage, Imran Khan chose to complete the commitments he had done to his films,

Imran and wife Avantika tied knot in January and went for honeymoon after four years, This was their first holiday in four years,

Imran Said,

Honeymoon was more relaxing than exciting! But I did play the good husband and carried Avantika’s shopping bags,

Talking about his films, Imran also has movies related to marriage, his upcoming films are ‘Mere Brother Ki Dulhan’ and ‘Short Term Shaadi’

Imran said,

If you think I Hate Love Stories was filmy, MBKD is even more exaggerated. I never thought would be able to do such a filmy role, but it was fun,

Imran had made a commitment to youth before the release of his film Delly Belly, that he will talk on the Maharashtra Government against the new law that increased the age limit for alcohol consumption to 25 years.

For this he said,

An announcement will be made within the next four to five days on that front, Theere is major development happening, which I can’t reveal as of now.