News|October 13, 2010 12:23 am

Imran Asks 16 Slaps Katrina for Yash’s Next

Is Imraan following steps of his Mamu Jaan, Aamir Khan? Or trying to become Mr. Pecfectist like him?

Well that might be the one of the reasons behind questing for the perfect slap for a scene in Mere Brother Ki Dulhan.
Well, the story is that, on the sets of Yash Raj’s latest film starring Katrina Kaif and Imran Khan starrer, Mere Brother Ki Dulhan, Kaif is suppose to slap Imraan for an emotional scene. However, Khan, everon the lookout for innovation,

Suggested that they make the slap look real. Considering the script, it could be a fake slap, but Khan, who insisted his co-star, Katrina to slap him in real. Interestingly, he asked for 16 slaps to make it more effective. The logic behind these slaps is “The director would have a variety off slaps to choose from”.

When about this news, Katrina also confirmed it and said,

“Left to me, I’d have done just one fake slap and moved on. But Imran insisted that I do it realistically.”

“Imran even called his ‘boy’ to count the number of slaps. It had to be 16 tight slaps, no more and no less. I don’t know why he wanted to be slapped that exact number of times.”

Naturally, after the sequence, Khan was seen massaging his face and jaw. Kaif says she isn’t proud of the pain she has caused her co-star. But she’s happy about how real the slap looks on screen.

“It’s the most authentic screen-slap audiences will ever see.”

Thankfully, it was a slap and not a kiss, or we shudder to think how Khan’s beau Avantika would have reacted on Mr. Khan’s perfectionism.