News|July 22, 2010 4:20 pm

Imran and Kareena’s ‘Short Term Shaadi’ on a short break

Karan Johar who is makie a remake of Stepmom is also going to make a Desi version of Hollywood Hit ‘What Happens In Vegas’ currently titled as ‘Short Term Shaadi’ with Imran Khan and Kareena Kapoor.

The fillum pre production is currently paused because of the title issues, the director of the movie Shakun Batra’s and Imran does not agree on the name front of the film, Short Term Shaadi is the perfect title according to Imran, but Shakun is not satisfied with it and this had caused issues between the Director and the actor of the film,

Imran and Shakun were once best buddies, they have worked earlier together in Jane Tu Ya Jane Na, and for Short Term Shaadi also Imran suggested Shakun to Karan Johar,

The issue started from when the whole team of the fillum agreed to the title, Shakun backed off in the end, and that is when Imran didnt like that behaviour of Shakun,

When asked to Karan Johar about the issue, he said,

Yes, Shakun didn’t like the title ‘Short Term Shaadi’. It was only a working title in the first place. Imran and my writer Ayesha were kicked about ‘Short Term Shaadi’. But Shakun would hear none of it. We at Dharma go completely by the director’s vision. So we’re hunting for a new title now. What is decided for sure is that the film will be shot in Las Vegas.