News|April 18, 2012 10:37 am

I’d write in blood that Saif is a gentleman: Sameera

Sameera Reddy is in the news these days for quite a few things, one of them being her unhappiness on Mallika Sherawat doing the item number ” Laila” in ” Tezz”.

There were reports recently that even though she was supposed to be present during the shooting of the song, she was nowhere to be seen.

I wasn’t even in town then, I was out of the country. I have no idea why I was dragged into all this. I have nothing to say on it. Unfortunately, that’s the only kind of thing people have been talking about when it comes to me and the film. But then I never shy away from controversy, because as long as they’re talking about you that’s a good thing.

she said.

Talking about the music of the film, she said that

the focus is not just on songs, serious amount of filming is going on and songs are in the backdrop.Today as a country, we’re more interested in the music than the film, at least to start with.

And speaking of music, we asked her if she likes dancing around the trees in all the romantic numbers.

I used to make fun of Bollywood actors for running around trees. I used to always say, ‘oh there they go, it’s going to rain, oh she’s wearing white’. But now I believe in it, it’s a religion. I am very fiercely protective of what we represent as an Indian film industry, because worldwide, people love these sequences, it’s part of a fantasy which takes you away from all the mundane things in life.

she says.

When we asked her if she got along well with everyone on the sets of “Tezz”, since it was a multi-starrer, she gave us a long list of everyone’s qualities.

Oh, I’ve known Kangna for some time now, she’s quite nice and we get along well. I tell Anil ‘you’re my lucky charm’. I am very kicked that he’s in the film. Ajay is also really cool, and Zayed is the prankster. Shooting for “Tezz” in London took me back to “Race” where Saif used to make sure that every evening after the shoot, we relax, de-stress and have fun. Saif has this really amazing attitude that we’re actors, and we need to recharge ourselves.

she said.

And what does she have to say about Saif’s Taj incident? “I am absolutely on Saif’s side, he is too much of a gentleman to do something like this. I am sure he was provoked. I have seen him in close quarters and there is no one who is a bigger gentleman than him and I can write that in blood,” she said.