News|April 20, 2010 10:43 pm

Iceland’s Volcano Ruins Katrina’s Plan

Iceland’s ash-spewing volcano with a jaw-cracking name Eyjafjallajokull has grounded all the flights at major airports around Europe, sending the air travel plans of many into deep freeze. But it also affected the plans of Bollywood actress, Katrina Kaif, who was suppose to travel to London to be in a family function, but her plans were mashed up  when Mumbai’s international airport canceled all the International flights.

Till Sunday night, Katrina was desperately trying to find other mans to travel to London. She was trying hard to reach her home as her home as her family was celebrating her grandfather’s 90th birthday, and everyone from her home was gathered there to celebrate. The actress says,

“It was a very important family function. And I had to attend. I never realised it’d be impossible to make it. When I reached the Mumbai airport I came to know about what had happened. I was still not disheartened because I thought at the most, I’d be delayed… as I often am. When it comes to travel, one learns to be patient at airports,” Katrina said. Little did she realise that she would have to return home. “Such things are bound to happen increasingly if we continue to abuse our environment. Personally, I wouldn’t have minded missing the flight. But it was a very important family gathering. Not being part of it really hurt.”